What is the Energizing America podcast?
The Energizing America podcast sheds light on the people and companies who provide the fuel, power and energy that our society relies upon. Tune in with our host Shane Stolp, CEO of Wescom Inc., to hear weekly stories and interviews from the individuals who are shaping the future of power and energy in America.


Energizing America Podcasts

EP 01: Why we stared a Podcast? – Shane Stolp (Wescom)
EP 02: Life after the military (Strong Compass)
EP 03: Why I left the Family Buisness (Mark Hiivala)
EP 04: Building a people first culture (Eric Brooker)
EP 05: From Customer to CEO with Tom Sega (Duluth Pack)
EP 06: Navigating Growth with Ty Sundberg (J&RS)
EP 07: Doing Deals, Private Jets and Real Estate Investments (Black River Holdings)
EP 08: How to become a Wescommer with Jon Hiivala (Wescom)
EP 09: Business as Unusual with Jude Homola (Windsor Engineers)
EP 10: Solar Panels and the importance of Renewable Energy with Cory Aili (Wescom)
EP 11: Running an independent insurance agency with Tucker Hanlon (Hanlon and Associates)
EP 12: Buying tucks for a living with Davin Pekkala (Wescom)
EP 13: Building Customers for Life with Clayton Rich (Wescom)
EP14: Safety First with Adam Chesney CSP (Wescom)
EP 15: Hot takes on the oil industry and Covid with David Ramsden-Wood
EP 16: Energizing your Business – Round Table Chat 1
EP 17: Energizing your Business – Round Table Chat 2
EP 18: Quick Growth and Staying Flexible with Bryn Jonston (JBW)
EP 19: Looking ahead to growth in 2022 with John Simonson (Wescom)
EP 20: Cutting Edge Logistics with Cameron Pederson (DSG)
EP 21: Marketing in the Energy Industry with Max Haben (Framework)
EP 22: Helping Consumer Save Over $150M w/ Energy Ogre (CEO Jesson Bradshaw)
EP 23: The crisis in Ukraine and where do we go from here? (Shane Stolp)
EP 24: The Importance of Automation (Calvin Blakeman)
EP 25: Fire Inside with CEO of Red River (Reilly Sasse)
EP 26: Leading People Through Crisis in a Crazy World (Jon Hiivala)
EP 27: B2B Sales in the Blue Collar Industry – Part 2 with Red River (Reilly Sasse)
EP 28: How will our business deal with crazy inflation (Jon Hiivala)

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