At Wescom, we understand the growing importance and role renewable energy has played in our day to day lives. As a UL solar installation contractor, we have the experience and expertise you are looking for.

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With the continued growth of renewable energy, our team is committed to Energizing America with a cleaner, sustainable and effective power solution. We understand the importance of solar and the impact it can make for our environment while also allowing further energy independence.

When Wescom is involved from the beginning stages, we will take the responsibility of providing you with a complete package that fits your home or facility needs. Our teams utilize the latest solar software technology to ensure you will be provided with the most effective solution. We will walk you though all the critical steps from design, procurement, installation and maintenance so you are able to understand all the tasks at hand. When it comes to investing in your home or facility, communication is key and with Wescom we will be clear and upfront with you from start to finish.

How large of a solar system do I need? When can I get a system installed? What impact will this have to my home or business? What maintenance is required? Can Wescom offer financing? These are all important questions that our solar team is able to answer and give you the confidence to move forward on your solar solution.

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