At Wescom, we understand that safety should always be a top priority. That’s why we have regular safety meetings, daily job site safety analyses, as well as weekly policy sharing.

We’ve even developed the Wescom app to ensure that all employees have quick and easy access to incident and near-miss reporting, safety policies, and procedures. And our commitment to safety is paying off: we’ve achieved over 1,000,000 man-hours worked with zero recordable incidents!

Wescom “WINS” is the company’s safety program. It reminds us that Wescom Invests Non-stop in Safety whether it’s through PPE, tools, or training. With all of the potential hazards on and off-site, Wescom employees must remain committed and focused on being safe by looking out for themselves, co-workers, and SIM Ops workers on site. We all want to stay safe and go home unhurt at the end of each day. 

The gear that surrounds the Wescom Logo represents all of the things employees must do each day to stay safe. Like the gear, we have to show up and keep turning day after day to ensure safety. It also represents completing the job 100% or turning the gear 360 degrees. To succeed, we can’t turn the gear 50% or 75%. As a team, we must complete the turn 100% day in and day out to successfully reach our safety goals. 

If there are barriers preventing employees from completely turning the gear to succeed, there are tools and resources they can turn to. This includes Stop Work Authority, Safety Personnel, the Wescom Safety Committee, and most importantly a leadership team that they can ask for support to set them up to succeed and keep the gear spinning safely. 

As Wescomers turn the gear, they are also reminded that it represents the company’s four core values. To achieve success, employees must foster all of these values to complete the turning of the gear in an effort to build customers for life.

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