Industrial Electrical Contractors at Wescom Inc

Industrial Electrical Construction/ Service

Our experience and service includes the following:

  • Oil and gas production facilities
  • Mining Facilities
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Pipeline and gathering facilities
  • Hazardous area electrical installation
  • Produced water disposal and treatment plants
  • Preventive maintenance
  • 24/7 On-call service & troubleshooting/diagnostics
  • Design & construction of MCC/Control buildings
  • Installation & wiring VFDs/Electrical motor controller
  • Installation & service of generator/battery backup systems
  • Heat trace/freeze protection of piping, tanks, vessels etc
  • Underground trenching
WESCOM Inc Automation and Industrial Controls

Automation & Industrial Controls

We provide installation, commissioning and service for all industrial control systems, with extensive experience in Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, Emerson, Rosemount, Foxboro, Bettis, Valvcon and Triac Controls.

  • Motor/Pump controls and safeties
  • Programmable VFDs
  • PLC/DCS systems
  • HMIs
  • UPS battery backups
  • UL Listed panel shop (UL508a)
  • MOVs/ESD Valves
  • Pump off controllers
Wescom Inc Provides World Class Installation Service: Instrumentation and Calibration

Instrumentation & Calibration

We provide installation, calibration and commissioning for a variety of instrumentation, with both wired and wireless transmitters, including:

  • Pressure – Differential Pressure (DP), MVS’s
  • Flow – Coriolis, Mag meters, Vortex meters,
  • Temperature
  • Level transmitters – Guided Wave radars, Non-contacting radars, Ultrasonic, Floats
  • Level Switches – Vibrating Fork/Gap switches and Floats
  • Gas detection
  • Flame detection
Wescom Inc- Roustabout Important Information on Roustabout

Roustabout Services

Wescom provides premier roustabout services. With our tens of years of experience and solid safety record, we get projects done on time with great value. Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Facility Builds
  • Plumbing, Victaulic Grooving & Welding
  • Heater treater tie-ins
  • Free water knockout install
  • Flow Lines
  • Containments/Liners
  • Trenching/Excavating
  • Flare Installation
  • Pumping Unit Erection
  • Fencing
  • Hydrovac
  • Pumping Unit Service

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