When we look back at 2020, it would be easy to identify the struggles and frustrations people have shared. Instead, our team at Wescom strives to identify the positive that has happened this year throughout our organization!
At Wescom, we continued to be “Brave and Bold” during 2020. What does this mean? It means that Wescom continues to never stop investing in our facilities, equipment, staff, clients and safety! Here are just some of the items that Wescom is proud to share about 2020….
– Wescom relocated our New Town location to a much larger shop in Watford City to better accommodate for our equipment and employee needs.
– Moved our welding shop in Ashland, WI to a larger facility so we could adapt to our continued growth with electrical skids and prefab services.
– In Duluth, we built a new shop for our prefab services and skid assembly.
– Wescom continued to invest in our fleet of vehicles and equipment so that our staff is provided with reliable equipment in the field, reducing any unnecessary downtime.
– Our staff continues to Energize America in building lifelong relationships with many new clients throughout the country, even during the historic downturn in oil pricing and production!
– Wescom continues to take action on our commitment to never stop investing in safety and ensure all employees go home safe at the end of every day!
What do we see when we look back at 2020? We see a dedicated team with integrity that is here to Energize America! We see staff being flexible with the many uncertainties thrown at them. We held ourselves accountable to take action and we continued to acknowledge the urgency and importance of our customers.
Wescom will remain “Brave and Bold” and are excited to see where 2021 will bring our organization. Thank you to all our staff and clients that have been apart of our journey in 2020!