The Permian Basin in the United States has a busy and complicated oil and gas industry. As a result, traditional oilfield services often split up tasks among different teams, including valve maintenance, remediation, stormwater removal, and production watch. However, a roustabout team simplifies this process by consolidating these responsibilities into a single team.

An experienced roustabout team should be prepared to handle all aspects of oil and gas field maintenance efficiently and safely. From valve maintenance to stormwater removal and everything in between, a roustabout team should be ready for it all.

To ensure all work is completed safely, efficiently, and within budget, it’s essential to select a skilled roustabout team for either a new project or routine maintenance.

Some services provided by a knowledgeable roustabout team should include:

Wellsite and Facility Maintenance

First of all, steady production is crucial for every oil and gas company. Make sure to find a certified LOTO crew that can ensure consistent production. They should be able to isolate and replace defective piping or equipment. Finding a qualified crew will help you rest assured that your wells are back online on time.

Pressure Washing

Additionally, if you’re currently dealing with a contained spill and don’t have enough personnel, a professional roustabout team can be a great solution. They come equipped with pressure wash trailers and large holding tanks to ensure a safe, quick, and effective cleanup of the spill.

By working with these experts, you can actively take charge of the situation and make sure that the spill is cleaned up efficiently. Their specialized equipment and experience can play a crucial role in how well the cleanup process goes.

Facility Builds

Are you dreading the coordination of multiple new facilities builds coming up? 

A skilled roustabout crew can help make the process much easier. They can lay out plot plans on a containment liner and prefabricate all piping for field fit, saving you production time and hassle. The roustabout team can handle all the necessary preparations to ensure that your facilities are built to exact specifications, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Trenching and Excavation

Are your wellheads ready for flowlines and injection lines to be installed?

With the help of a professional roustabout team, you can make sure that the flowlines are installed correctly the first time. The team should have skilled operators and spotters who can handle the installation with one call. Ultimately, this can save you time and prevent the need for future rerouting of flowlines for rod conversions and workover rig-ups.

Pumping Unit Installation

Finally, if you need help installing a pumping unit, a roustabout team is a good idea. They can prepare the site, build the wellhead in their shop, and make sure everything is ready for a traditional or Rotoflex unit.

In conclusion, by hiring an experienced roustabout team, like Wescom’s, you can trust that your project will be done safely, on schedule, and within your budget.

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