Two mechanical service men getting ready to go out to a job site.

Blog Post Summary:

  • First of all, Wescom provides mechanical services for oil and gas production sites.
  • Second, in order to work as a mechanical employee at Wescom there are a few things you should have. With this in mind, you should have good physical fitness, knowledge of mechanical systems, and a desire to work safely in a team.
  • Finally, the mechanical teams at Wescom take pride in their work and prioritize safety. Their positive energy is contagious and inspires those around them. Their hard work and dedication to safety have earned the appreciation of clients, resulting in repeat business.

Our Mechanical Service

Wescom is all about Energizing America. We provide an important service called mechanical service, or roustabout service. This service helps keep things running smoothly on oil and gas production sites by building, fixing, and maintaining equipment, pipelines, and buildings. In this blog post, we’ll tell you about our mechanical services, what it takes to join the team and the awesome people who make it all happen.

Qualifications and Experience Required for Mechanical Service

If you want to work as a mechanical employee at Wescom, you’ll need certain qualifications and experience. This will vary depending on the job position, level of responsibility, and job location. Usually, these employees need to be physically fit and able to do tough tasks like lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, and working in tight spaces. Also, it’s important that they know a lot about mechanical systems and are familiar with welding and fabrication techniques.

Safety in the Field

Now, at Wescom, safety is very important. With this in mind, all employees must be aware of and follow strict safety guidelines and protocols. They need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and be able to spot and prevent possible dangers. Mechanical workers usually work together in teams. This means that they must be good at talking with their colleagues, taking directions, giving feedback, and working together. Finally, Because the oil and gas industry can be unpredictable, workers must be able to adjust to changes in their schedules and the weather. This means the teams sometimes have to work long hours or on weekends.

Our Skilled Mechanical Service Teams

Wescom has been fortunate to find people who meet the qualifications. These workers are diligent and value their families. They take pleasure in their job while maintaining a positive mindset. When working with them, you will learn about their personal lives, such as their children’s latest sports and school activities or their family’s savings goals. These teams love their work and concentrate on what’s essential, sharing their upbeat attitude with others.

The mechanical teams sing while they swing the big pipes and tanks into place when they work. They even smile while lying on the ground and spinning valves with wrenches that are bigger than office desks. These friendly coworkers love their jobs and prioritize safety, communicating often to keep everyone informed. They spread their positive energy and inspire others to do their best. Working with them is an unforgettable experience!

In conclusion, our mechanical teams are energized and excited about the future! As we continue Energizing America, they eagerly seek opportunities to advance their careers with additional training and certifications. Notably, our clients appreciate their tireless efforts and demonstrate this through repeat projects. These teams are a positive example for others, showing how we can safely Energize America!


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