A lot of construction projects seem to halt in the winter months. Whether this is because of the snow, freezing temperatures, or busy holiday season, we’re here to tell you that solar doesn’t stop. It’s a common misconception to believe that it’s only possible to get solar panels installed in the warmer months, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Winter solar panel installation

There are a variety of reasons why getting your solar panels installed in the winter season is still a great idea.

1. Crews are available

As we said, people often think we can’t install solar panels in the winter. Snow, especially in the Midwest, is something we’ve come to expect and our teams have learned to work around. We no longer see it as an obstacle, but simply an additional step to the installation process.

Waiting until the winter for a solar panel installation project can even benefit you as our teams generally have more availability in the colder months. We’ll be able to work solely on your project and focus our resources on getting the job done as quickly as possible!

Ground mount arrays are especially a great option for winter installations!

Solar panel installers actually don’t mind the cold

Have you ever had to spend time on a scorching roof in the heat of the summer or haul heavy equipment beneath the raging fire of the sun? Trust us, it’s not as fun as it sounds. Working in the cooler months allows us to stay comfortable while we work, as well as work more efficiently. TimeTwo full solar arrays surrounded by snow. isn’t spent ensuring we’re properly hydrated or that we’re spending an adequate amount of time out of the heat.

Your solar grid system will be ready for the longer days ahead

Getting your solar panel system installed during the darker months might seem like a waste of time, but we guarantee they’re still working (Energy.gov). Not only will you still be able to receive the benefits of solar energy throughout winter, but you’ll be ready for the maximum benefits during the summer season by already having it ready to go.

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