With each invention and innovation, we all collectively question if this is the next big thing or what new idea will sprout from it. Although our energy needs are here to stay with a mix of fuel and solar, innovation is a top priority.

Last week, Shell and BP announced a new approach to solar energy and agriculture: agrivoltaics. This new industry utilizes sheep grazing, beekeeping and crop growing. By combining these two industries (solar and agriculture), energy companies are not only keeping the farmers happy, the crops growing, and the animals fed, but they are also keeping the lights on from their solar fields. The land is being repurposed with innovation to accommodate multiple different disciplines.

While this is still an emerging thought in the industry, Shell and BP are leading the practice. Who will follow suit? What other innovations will come out of this? Who knows! That’s the exciting part about this market- there will always be energy and always a need to innovate.

You can read more about agrivoltaics on CNBC’s website: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/14/agrvoltaics231106brighamsf.html

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