The Ultimate Wall Sit Challenge

“Dang it,” Wescom CEO, Shane Stolp, exclaimed as he slid down the wall in defeat. He had been one of the few still holding on, but suddenly, his dreams of winning the wall sit challenge were squashed. Instead, his son Evan rose to the occasion and was able to bring the family name to a significant victory.

After preparing for the entire month of April, there were fifteen Twin Ports Wescommers who braved the challenge on May first. The goal of the challenge was to see who could hold the wall sit for the longest amount of time without stopping. The strict rules required participants to maintain a ninety-degree angle and keep their hands off their laps.

To make sure everyone was prepared, the Health and Wellness Committee posted all necessary information needed about the challenge beforehand. The committee included suggested ways to prepare themselves for the challenge. Squats were the suggested way to prepare as they can help work towards building leg strength, which is what you needed for the wall sit. There was also a squat training schedule, examples of a squat versus a wall sit, and a step-by-step guide on how to do a squat.

Who Emerged Victorious

Despite the hard work of all the participants, Evan emerged victorious. Evan had held his wall sit for an impressive length of time, barely beating out our Environmental President, Shar. Congratulations to Evan Stolp on winning the Twin Ports Health and Wellness Committee’s wall sit challenge.

In conclusion, the wall sit challenge was a big hit. The Health and Wellness Committee hopes to hold more challenges like this in the future. Events like these help build strong teams and promote a healthy work-life balance. Here at Wescom, we look forward to continuing to support the health and wellness of our teams.


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